Move Back Home

Stavros Options Counselors will work with anyone who wants to get out of a nursing home or stay in their own home by helping to find home care (including PCA services), equipment, and supports.

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Help People with Disability

You Can Make A Difference when you Donate to Stavros You are helping Build Ramps, Advocate for Services, Give Access and Resources for people with Disabilities in Western Massachusetts.

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Pioneer Valley ADRC picture of elderly & chid in autum

Pioneer Valley ADRC

Stavros is a member of the Pioneer Valley Aging and Disability Resource Consortium which consists of WestMass Elder Care, Greater Springfield Senior Services, Highland Valley Elder Service Center, and LifePath. The PVADRC is part of a statewide initiative dedicated to giving people with disabilities and the elderly information to make informed decisions about where they want to live and receive services.

Helping Families Stay Together

Stavros helps families stay together by providing the needed support to remain independent and living at home.

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Helping Kids

Children with Disabilities should have the same opportunities to play and learn as other kids. Stavros helps parents make that dream come true.

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Helping Teenagers

Teenagers with disabilities should be thinking about their futures. Our Transition to Adulthood program can help them achieve their goals.

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    Action Alert!

    We need your calls to make sure we have transportation in western Mass.

    A small group of state Representatives and state Senators are meeting to iron out differences between the house and senate budgets. One very big difference is in the appropriation for Regional Transit Authorities – including the PVTA!

    The Senate’s budget calls for the Department of Transportation to disburse 4.5 million more dollars to the Regional Transit Authorities (including the PVTA) as of July 1st.  The Senate budget also includes an annual Consumer Price Increase/inflator, meaning that the Regional Transit Authorities will get automatic increases based on the rate of inflation.

    If you want to see no more route and service cuts from the PVTA, please call your state Representatives and your state Senator and encourage them to contact members of the budget conference committee in support of the senate appropriations and language for Regional Transit Authorities! Thanks!

    Wheelchair Clinic

    Picture of a back of a wheelchair with someone kneeling in front of it

    By Appointment Only!

    Stavros Wheelchair Clinic

    June 20, 2019

    Our clinics supplement what you can’t get from dealers or wheelchair clinics

    Offers a second clinical or mechanical opinion

    The technicians can provide custom modifications that dealers cannot do.

    Contact Tory to sign up; she can be reached at (800) 804-1899 or at

    Click Here for more information about this clinic and services provided

    *This clinic is held in collaboration with the Department of Developmental Services and Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission*