Job Openings

Stavros employs about 150 employees at our offices in Amherst, Springfield and Greenfield. We encourage people with disabilities to apply for positions at Stavros. However, please don't send us a resume unless you are applying for a posted job opening.


We are seeking for bilingual individual (Spanish/English) with excellent communication and organizational skills. This position is to educate people with disabilities about available community programs and services. Must be self- motivated, able to work independently; have reliable transportation and willing to travel locally. Understanding of PCA program will be useful. It is a full time position with excellent benefits.

Send resume and cover letter to: Manuel Morales, Director of Skills Trainers at Stavros, C.I.L.    210 Old Farm Road, Amherst, MA. 01002.


READ THIS MESSAGE If you are interested in WORKING as a Personal Care Attendant !

Important Message for people interested in becoming Personal Care Attendants (PCA): Stavros does not hire Personal Care Attendants, people with disabilities are responsible for hiring their own PCAs. If you wish you may visit  Rewarding Work Resources to learn more about how to become a PCA or file an online application.

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