Your Have a Right to Vote !

Rev Up the Disability Vote
Make your Vote Count!

Stavros is continuing our participation in the RevUp campaign. We want to help inform voters with disabilities about the upcoming elections. Not sure when the elections are?  These are some important dates you should keep in mind!

 Tuesday, September 4 – State Primary

Wednesday, October 17 – Last day to register and be able to vote in the state election

Tuesday, November 6 – State Election

More information at our New and Interesting page


At the Massachusetts Secretary of State Website


PVTA recently completed a round of Information Sessions on Service Changes starting in September and PVTA Title VI Program Update. Last Legislative Session PVTA requested $88 million from the legislature. This 88 million would have maintained service for Reginal Transit Authorities (RTAs) across the state. This legislative session awarded 82 million in formula funding, 2 million in deficit relief in which RTAs can apply for through Mass DOT, and $4 million in conditional funding from a statewide taskforce. The funds of the taskforce are still unknown. Given the uncertainties of funding, PVTA was forced to issue more service changes. If you have not seen the proposed changes, please visit the PVTA Upcoming Service Change – Late Summer/ Fall 2018.