Please call your Senator!


Time to call your Senators about the BUDGET! We need your help in getting more funds for two crucial programs: the Alternative Housing Voucher Program and the Massachusetts Independent Living Centers.

The Alternative Housing Voucher Program

The Alternative Housing Voucher Program expands housing opportunities for people with disabilities. AHVP has a current wait list of more than 2,000 people. A shortage of affordable housing continues to beset adults with disabilities, especially people who are forced to reside in nursing homes for a lack of housing. The federally-funded Money Follows the Person initiative in Massachusetts, which will support nursing home diversions, has increased the need for more units. Please call your Senator and ask them to increase funding for the Alternative Housing Voucher Program. Without an increase people with disabilities will keep waiting in a nursing home costing more money to the state. More information on AHVP can be found here


Independent Living Centers

The 11 Independent Living Centers in Massachusetts need a cost of living increase of $500,000 to maintain services in FY '17.  The state budget is currently in the hands of the Senate.  We ask you to please contact your Senator and say that Line Item 4120-0200 should be increased by $500,000.

IL Centers empower people of all ages with a wide range of disabilities with the practical skills and self-confidence to take control over their lives and become active members of the community.  In 2015, we transitioned 228 people out of institutions and into community, saving the Commonwealth an estimated $4.5 million.  Money spent on Independent Living Centers is money saved call your Senator and ask for an increase of $500,000 on Line Item 4120-0200

For more information on the Independent Living Services request for support : http://files.ctctcdn.com/fb0c5f7f001/a085b5d1-5966-4f67-8568-5e2037f7e3d5.pdf