Health Care Repeal is BACK

Call Congress Now to Stop Medicaid Cuts and Stop

Repeal of Affordable Care Act

Despite the American Health Care Act (ACHA) not being voted on in the House of Representatives two weeks ago, negotiations have continued to find a path forward for the ACHA. The ACHA will repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and make significant cuts to Medicaid program to pay for the ACA repeal. Negotiations will continue, and we need everyone to continue to be incredibly vocal with all Members of Congress about the importance of comprehensive, quality, affordable, non-discriminatory, accessible healthcare, as provided by the ACA.

The most important message you can share is the importance of the ACA and Medicaid on the lives of persons with disabilities. Every office needs to hear from constituents about why the ACA and Medicaid provide essential health care and other critical supports to people with disabilities and their families.

Take Action:

Call your Senators and Representatives today 202-224-3121. Now is the time for ACTION, every call matters! Do not let Congress take away health care and services for millions of people and replace it with a plan that CUTS Medicaid.

Call your Governors today, find out how to contact them here. Remind your Governor what cuts to the Medicaid would mean for the state budget and why they matter to you. Share that same message with state legislators.

If you need assistance in learning how to get engaged, learn more from ASAN’s toolkit on basic civic engagement for self-advocates.

What to Say:

● I am your constituent.

● I am a person with a disability or I am a family member of someone with a disability or I am a professional in the disability field.

● Do NOT repeal the ACA without a replacement that maintains or provides comprehensive, affordable coverage and protections.

● Do NOT allow states to opt-out of requiring health plans to cover essential health care benefits and keeping coverage affordable for people with pre-existing conditions.

● Do NOT allow restructuring and cuts to Medicaid to be part of an ACA replacement.

● The ACA and Medicaid helps me/my family member to have health care and community based services.

Bottom Line: Do NOT cut and cap Medicaid and Do not repeal the Affordable Care Act!


For additional information, see CCD’s fact sheet about Medicaid

or read more here


Budget Cuts May Hurt People with Disabilities

President Trump Propose Budget focus on military spending, may lead to cuts on important services that help people with disabilities to live independently in the community. Programs such as Rehabilitation Services, which provide resources for people with disabilities to get and keep a job may loose funding. Other programs such as housing assistance and education may also be the victim of budget cuts by the administration.

As people with disabilities we should also watch for possible changes in policies that may prevent us from going to school, getting appropriate health care or getting a job, or having access to public places.

The following websites can help you stay informed and give you some action steps:

The National Council on Independent Livings - Advocacy Monitor website

Health Care for All Website

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

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