Time to Make Some Calls

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Time to Call Advocacy Works

The Massachusetts State Budget is now on Conference Committee where Representatives and Senators decide what will be included in the State Budget next year. Two western Massachusetts Represetantives have been assigned to the Conference Committee Representative Kulik and Representative Smola.Please call or email them and other Conference Committee Members and ask them to support the following:

-          The Alternative Housing Voucher Program (AHVP) (Line Item 7004-9030): Support the House Budget language which allocated an additional $1.15 Million to AHVP. AHVP provides mobile vouchers for non-elderly persons with disabilities, a funding increase would support more housing for persons with disabilities!

-          Regional Transit Authorities (RTA) (Line Item 1595-6370): Support the Senate Language and the Senate Budget figure which allocated $88 Million for RTAs. This funding would prevent service cuts!

-          Lift the Cap on Kids: Please uphold the early effective date as proposed by the Senate. An effective date of January 1st, 2019 would end the family cap sooner. This would help provide the necessary resources for cap children.  

-          Independent Living Centers (Line Item 4120-0200): Support the Senate Budget allocation for Independent Living Centers which allocated over $1 Million for center’s across the state.

-          Durable Medical Equipment (DME) (Line Item 4120-4000): Support the Senate Budget amount of an addition $360K for Durable Medical Equipment. DME provides persons with disabilities access to recycled equipment, this allows them to remain in the community by not having to be isolated as they wait for repairs.

Western MA representation on the Conference Committee:

 Representative Stephen Kulik

State House Room 238

Boston, MA 02133




Representative Todd M. Smola

State House Room 124

Boston, MA 02133




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The so called Education and Reform Act HR 620 proposes to give business owners even more time to make accommodations, and would require persons with disabilities to file a complaint and then wait six months to see if the problem got fixed.

Wait. What? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  has been around since 1990. Do you think 27 years is enough time for any business to get accessible and for business owners to learn about the law? 27 Years!

If you think this new proposal HR 620 is unfair we ask you to contact your congressperson. Let them know
that you are tired of waiting for access, and that you want MORE access, not less! We are asking you to be vigilant! The ADA and other laws are under attack and we need to defend our rights.

Contact your Congressperson let them know you won't let them take access away !