Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Without communication access, deaf and hard of hearing persons can find themselves isolated – on the job, in school, at the doctor’s office or the hospital. In our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services program, we work with individuals to break down the barriers that exist between them and full participation in the community.

Basic Communication

There are many resources available to provide full communication access. Our advocates provide training and ongoing education so deaf and hard of hearing people know how to access and use interpreters, telephone and video relay services, and CART services.


For deaf children, deaf parents, or both, getting a good education can be a real challenge. Our advocates work to get teachers and administrators to understand the issues and make sure that the proper technology and resources is in place for real opportunities.

Health Care

Deaf and hard of hearing people may find themselves or members of their families receiving inadequate care because health care professionals don’t understand the issues. Our advocates team up with people in need to ensure that they can make themselves understood, and that they can understand their treatment options as well.

The Home

Independence at home means good connections with the outside world and safety. Stavros staff members have the know-how to make sure that telephones and other communication systems are state of the art, and that smoke detectors and doorbells get the message across even when they can’t be heard.

For more information or to inquire about services, please call 413-781-5555.