Volunteer Surrogate Program

For consumers who are unable to manage their Personal Care Attendant Services (PCA) program on their own, Stavros offers surrogate programs. A surrogate is an individual who assists consumers with their Personal Assistant Services (PAS) program management. Often, a surrogate is a friend, family member, or legal guardian of the consumer. When that is not an option, Stavros can help match you with a volunteer surrogate. Surrogates are ONLY put in place when a consumer CANNOT perform the jobs necessary (i.e., hiring, firing, record keeping, and managing); it is not a convenience for consumers who don't want to manage their PCA program.

Responsibilities of a surrogate include understanding and ensuring consumer choice so that the person with disabilities can live his/her life with dignity and pride, as well as performing management tasks that the consumer in unable to perform on his or her own. These tasks may include hiring, firing, supervising, and otherwise directing their PCAs as specified in the consumer's personal services plan. In addition, being available for surrogate reviews is mandated by the Department of Medical Assistance (DMA). A surrogate is, of course, expected to perform all functions in the best interest of the consumer.

The Volunteer Surrogate Program matches volunteers with people who have disabling conditions due to aging, injury, chronic illness, or psychological impairments. Volunteers will assist individuals with tasks related to their Personal Assistance Services Program so they may live independently with dignity and pride. In this way, volunteers serve as a vital link to independence for many people with disabilities.

Almost anyone can be a volunteer. There is no specific education or experience required. A volunteer is a person who values human life and has a commitment to assisting a person with disabilities reach or maintain independence. Volunteers attend a basic Orientation Session to learn about the Independent Living philosophy, how to work effectively with people with disabilities, and the rights and responsibilities of volunteers.

Become a Volunteer

Give us a Call at 413-781-5555 ext 336 or Fill out our Volunteer Form to become a volunteer!