Every year on March 1st, people with disabilities, advocacy agencies, and allies come together to remember victims of filicide. According to the Autism Self Advocacy Network, filicide reflects an act of violence committed by a parent or caregiver which results in the murder of a person with a disability.

 A case of filicide made national news in 2016 when an Illinois Circuit Court judge sentenced Bonnie Liltz to four years in prison after drugging and killing her disabled daughter Courtney. Liltz crushed medications, diluted them with water, and fed them through Courtney’s feeding tube. We as a community must work harder to change attitudes about disability. We must debunk the misconception that a life lived with disability is not worth living.

While this day serves as a day of remembrance for victims like Courtney, it also demonstrates that there is still more work to be done. For 40 years Stavros has been advocating for more accessible housing, appropriate supports for caregivers, and ample support services for those with disabilities. Every day we fight so that individuals like Courtney can have a chance at a dignified life. As a community we must work diligently to ensure that murder is never justified, that justice is served, and that the lives of those with disabilities are held to the highest regard.  On March 1st we not only remember the dead, but fight for the living!   


Jennifer Lee

Systems Advocate


PCA Overtime Time Information

The Executive office of Health & Human Services (EOHHS ) have issued a Frequently Asked Questions document regarding Overtime Regulations for PCA as well as PCA OT Policy information, the Temporary & Continuity of  Care Approval Criteria and the PCA Overtime Request form. They may all be found at

For your convenience they are also listed here:


PCA OT Policy information 11/22/16


PCA Overtime Request Form 12/08/16


PCA Overtime FAQ 11/22/2016


Temporary & Continuity of Care Approval Criteria 

Please be advise PCAs will be getting a letter in the mail to explain these changes. A copy of the letter in English & Spanish may be found here:

Letter to PCAs Explaining Changes English

Letter to PCAs Explaining Changes Spanish