People with Disabilities Have a Right to Vote!

Image voting button red white and blue person on wheelchair stretching out hand to vote and word Vote under it

Stavros wants to remind you that your VOTE counts!

On September 4, 2018

Polls open at 7 am and close at 8 pm

Find out where to vote at the Secretary of State website

Make your voice known and Vote next week!


If you are looking for information about candidates  The League of Womens Voters has provided a list of the candidates on your ballot, as well as additional information, and some candidate questions. 

  • Click on "Voters' Guide for the September 4, 2018 Primary".  Enter your address, select your ballot (party) and "Get Started". 
  • The candidates on your ballot will show in little thumbnails. 
  • Click on the person's thumbnail for additional information. Scroll down - the additional information may include answers to a set of questions.
  • Or click "Next Office" to move on.

Preview your ballot

Visit the Secretary of State websiteto find your election results.

  • Enter your address
  •  Click on Show My Results
  • Choose the party you plan to pull on Primary Day. 
  • Results of everyone who will be on your primary ballot will appear (not all candidates have an opponent). 


PVTA Changes May Change the Way You Travel

The PVTA recently completed a round of Information Sessions on Service Changes starting in September and PVTA Title VI Program Update. Last Legislative Session PVTA requested $88 million from the legislature. This 88 million would have maintained service for Reginal Transit Authorities (RTAs) across the state. This legislative session awarded 82 million in formula funding, 2 million in deficit relief in which RTAs can apply for through Mass DOT, and $4 million in conditional funding from a statewide taskforce. The funds of the taskforce are still unknown. Given the uncertainties of funding, PVTA was forced to issue more service changes. If you have not seen the proposed changes, please visit the PVTA Upcoming Service Change – Late Summer/ Fall 2018.


Meet The Challenge !

Woman at a ramp smiling

Stavros was founded by Chris Palames and some of his friends in 1974.  Bill Martin was one of those friends. In the early 1970’s people with disabilities had little or no opportunities to live in the community. Bill Martin was working at Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission at the time and decided to take a leap of faith and help start an agency that would advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. He helped secure some of the initial funding and helped the process of helping people with disabilities live in the community.

Fast forward 44 years and he wants to help again. Bill loves to provide access to people with disabilities and would like to help build ramps for people that cannot afford it through our Home Sweet Home Program.

Bill has issued a challenge. He will match $1000 every month we raise a $1000 for 12 months, starting in May 2018.  WOW! That is amazing! This means that every month we raise a $1000 we can get another $1000. That will be $24,000 in a year. That’s a lot of ramps!  Can You HELP ?

We are looking for people who are willing to give one time or monthly donations to the Stavros Home Sweet Home Program. You can send your donation of ANY AMOUNT in the mail to: Stavros, PO Box 2130, Amherst, MA 01004 or give here

If you have questions or need more information please contact Angelina at or 413-781-5555 ext 315

We hope you can help people with disabilities live in the community by helping us achieve $1000 every month. Thanks!

Announcing The PCA Workforce Council’s New Mass PCA Referral Directory

The Workforce Council wants you to know that recruiting and hiring PCAs just got easier with the launching of their new PCA Referal Directory.

You Can find out more by downloading their FAQs for the PCA Workforce Council’s new Mass PCA Referral Directory here

or at their website at


Home Modification Loan Program

Looking to make your home more accessible? Are you a landlord with a tenant with a disability? Then the Home Modification Loan Program may be for you.

The Home Modification loan program allows you to borrow up to $30,000 at 0- 3% depending on household income to make home modifications related to disability. Modifications may include home security, stair lifts, bathroom, kitchen modifications and more. Eligible applicants may qualify for a deferred loan meaning it does not have to be repaid and does not accrue interest until the house is sold. More information at

Landlors with less than ten units and with tenants with disabilities qualify for this program. Please see  for eligibility criteria and application process

Housing Accomodations Fact Sheet

People with disabilities often need accommodations to make their living space accessible. Some examples of possible accommodations include: a doorbell with a light that flashes, a parking space closer to the doorway or a wider entry to accommodate a wheelchair. 

To help you know your rights and help you to request Housing Accomodations Stavros created this simple Housing Accomodation Fact Sheet  You may download it here