W-2 Forms Investigation

During the month of January and February Stavros received thousands of calls from consumers and Personal Care Attendants about W2 forms. W-2's did not arrived on time causing a hardship to consumers and PCA's alike.

After our investigation into the problem we found out that a subcontractor of Sage – the company that processes the PCA payroll for us and is responsible for all tax filings -  had not mailed the W-2 forms on time.  We are working with Sage to make sure this does not happen again.

Sage Senior Vice President and General Manager sent this letter.


To dowloand an accessible format of this letter please click on the link  letter on (PDF FORMAT)





700th Ramp BUILT !


Thanks to the support of donors Stavros has reached a milestone.

We have built our 700th Ramp.

We even had a ribbon cutting ceremony

See Ms. Bullock's story at WWLP News

Home Modification Loan Program

Looking to make your home more accessible? Are you a landlord with a tenant with a disability? Then the Home Modification Loan Program may be for you.

The Home Modification loan program allows you to borrow up to $30,000 at 0- 3% depending on household income to make home modifications related to disability. Modifications may include home security, stair lifts, bathroom, kitchen modifications and more. Eligible applicants may qualify for a deferred loan meaning it does not have to be repaid and does not accrue interest until the house is sold. More information at www.cedac.org/hmlp

Landlors with less than ten units and with tenants with disabilities qualify for this program. Please see www.cedac.org/hmlp  for eligibility criteria and application process

Housing Accomodations Fact Sheet

People with disabilities often need accommodations to make their living space accessible. Some examples of possible accommodations include: a doorbell with a light that flashes, a parking space closer to the doorway or a wider entry to accommodate a wheelchair. 

Now you can request Housing Accomodations by using our simple Housing Accomodation Fact Sheet