Alternative Housing Voucher Program

Alternative Housing Voucher Program

Good news – the House Ways and Means increased the Alternative Housing Voucher Program. Please reach out to Representative Decker and Chair Michlewitz for their great support. We are not done as we have another bill that will increase accessible housing. For more information:

This bill will add $2.5 million to the housing budget to repair accessible units housing authorities have to put off-line because of needed repairs.. Housing authorities in the Eastern part of the State have already applied. Of course, we encourage our Western Mass housing authorities to do so.
To learn more, check this link for an explanation of the Alternative Housing Voucher Program.

We need your help to win over this additional money. Please contact your local legislator. If you don’t know how to find your legislators please follow the link below:

Just a couple of hints – if you have an AHVP and you cannot find an apartment for the money, the voucher allows you can ask the Housing Authority or administrative agency to allow them to go 10% above fair market rent as a “reasonable accommodation”.

Also if a landlord refuses to rent to you because you have a voucher – that’s illegal in Massachusetts. Contact the Housing Discrimination Project in Holyoke.

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