Do You Have Hope?

Do You Have Hope?

When I sat down at my desk this morning, I knew that Stavros needed to make a statement regarding the conviction of Derek Chauvin in the brutal murder of George Floyd...and yet now as I sit down to write this statement all I can think is “I’m not ready”.

I say I am not ready because as much as I, and others wish this is over, I know in my heart that it is not. I feel that my sigh of relief may come when Chauvin is sentenced, but even then I am not sure. Maybe my trepidation is because there are so many others that have not been named. Maybe it is because I am not sure that re-imagining public safety or taking a stand against the many biases that we all have will be enough to save us. Maybe it is because I think there is so much work yet to be done towards loving each other as neighbors and human beings on this planet. I don’t know how we start this process. I don’t know if we can even start this process if we don’t have every voice and every point of view with us at the table.

But I have hope.

I hope this is the start. I sit here today looking to the future and hoping this moment is the beginning of the change that we so desperately need. I hope that we are starting on our way to a world of justice and accountability. A world built on dignity, respect, and love. A world that includes people with disabilities regardless of race, gender identity, or age. I hope that the work we do today will make a difference for our children and their children after them. Today I ask you to join me in this hope, by joining in the painful work that needs to be done. I invite you as part of our Stavros community to share your ideas, your thoughts, and concerns and help us forge a path forward. Tell me how we as an organization can do better. I hope that we do not shy away from the next step on this journey, or the step after that. I know that many of us are not yet ready to open ourselves up to the idea of this hope. Many of you like me are not ready to breathe that sigh of relief and let yourself hope. But, unless we come together today and let ourselves breathe this moment we will not be able to start moving forward. Take this moment and breathe with relief that we can make a difference when we work together.

In doing so may we never forget those that have needlessly suffered or died at the hands of an all too often reckless and cruel policing system. We will build on this moment and remember Mr. Floyd and other victims of racist violence in the US.

With Hope,

Angelina Ramírez, CEO

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