Electronic Visit Verification Update

To all Stavros consumers please read the following important information.

The Electronic Visit Verification process is a new way of collecting timesheet
information. It’s a different then electronic timesheets. When a worker “checks in” and
“checks out” the EVV system will automatically collect the start and stop time of the
work and where the service begins and ends using EVV. Once the system is
implemented it will replace timesheets. The consumer will have the opportunity to
review the information recorded and approve the recorded time. The services provided
within the PCA program will not affect how the services are provided and will be phased
in through 2022.

Mass health will not know which EVV be implemented until an FI has been chosen in
April 2022. That doesn’t mean consumers should lay back not ask questions. For
example what type of technology will be used to record EVV? These listening sessions
will be provided in Spanish as well.

The listening sessions will be February 16, 2021 (English Session) and February 17, 2021 (Spanish Session) from 1:00p.m. - 3:00p.m.


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