Estate recovery

Estate recovery

To our consumers,


Stavros has been reaching out to our consumers to contact their legislators to pass Sen. Comerford’s S.3030 bill which would save people on Medicaid and CommonHealth their homes and savings. It did not pass but all was not lost! Below is an excerpt from Charles Carr the DPC Legislative Liaison.


You may recall that we were advocating for the language to be included in the larger economic development and tax bill which it was in the Senate and is being worked out in conference committee. We are hopeful that the amendment language will remain, but the future of the larger bill is uncertain. At the very last-minute governor Baker called on the legislature to implement a 40-year-old tax surplus law that triggers automatic tax rebates to certain eligible residents. This will release over $2 billion to taxpayers but the economic development and tax bill that estate recovery is attached to sits in conference committee because the legislature is not sure whether there's adequate funding to do both.


They haven't given up! House and senate leadership may meet on and off during August to address the bill in informal session but that's very tricky because if even one member objects, a bill won't pass. House sponsor Christine Barber and Senate sponsor Jo Comerford are strategizing to figure out the best path forward. At this time, the best thing we can do is to thank them for their work and encourage them to continue fighting for Estate Recovery to be included in the larger bill and vote for it to pass.


You can't make this stuff up. It's never happened, and everyone was shocked. Please thank the sponsors. Their staff is in the building even though they may not be.


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