Spouses as Paid PCAs

Spouses as Paid PCAs

It’s no secret many consumers have difficult times finding PCAs. We don’t have many resources to find them. Typically, we use Craigslist or the Workforce Council PCA Directory, word-of-mouth, friends, and family. However, many of our consumers use spouses like PCAs out of necessity. Unfortunately, spouses are not paid by Medicaid to work as PCAs, which we believe is unfair. Why would a spouse’s time be worth less than a total stranger coming into your house?

This issue, as well as the lack of PCAs, was exacerbated during the pandemic. Many consumers were afraid to bring in strangers into their homes out of fear of being exposed to Covid. In light of this inequity of spouses not being paid like PCAs, a bill is being prepared to allow spouses to get paid just like PCAs. The bill has not been assigned a number yet.

Here is a brief recap of action items:

  • Prepare to draft a co-sponsorship letter to legislators from lead sponsors and coalition members.
  • Comerford's Office will reach out to Chair Kennedy regarding a meeting.
  • Rep. Scanlon will reach out to Chair Livingston regarding a meeting.
  • Proactive outreach by coalition members of the Joint Committee on Children, Families, and Persons with Disabilities prior to the public hearing.
  • Prepare to draft a letter from lead sponsors/coalition to EOHHS requesting a meeting.

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