Parenting Anti-discrimination legislation

Parenting Anti-discrimination legislation

We’re looking for more people with lived experience that highlight the importance of this bill – to join us in meetings with legislators, share their stories to drum up support, or help move the campaign forward in other ways. If you or someone you know or clients/members of your organization have personal stories related to this issue of being a parent with a disability, and would be willing to talk to us about it, please have them contact Emma Gelbard and Harry Weissman(cc’d) from the Disability Policy Consortium.

Emma can be reached at or (617) 456-8247; Harry can be reached at or (617) 977-4084.

Relevant stories might include:

  • Disabled parent who has lost custody of a child due to the parent’s disability or attempts to seek support or treatment for a disability
  • Disabled parent who has faced discrimination about their ability to parent, or has nearly lost custody of a child as a result
  • Disabled parent who chose not to seek treatment or help with a disability, abusive relationship, etc out of fear of losing custody of their child
  • Child of a disabled parent who was removed or nearly removed from their home

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