Spouses as PCAs

Call to Action: Bills H 1256 as well as S745 are still lingering in the Health Care and Financing Committee

These days finding a PCA to fill in for the hours you need is a great burden. For those who tried I’m sure you know what I mean. Sometimes we have to rely on the only people who know about our care and care about us. That would be our spouses. Unfortunately the current Medicaid regulations do not allow spouses to be paid as PCAs.

This regulation might come from the assumption that a spouse is supposed to take on this role, because as the old saying goes: “in sickness and in health “. However, just how fair is it to expect a spouse their time and energy for free? Meanwhile Medicaid will gladly pay strangers to come into our homes to do the same work our spouses already know how to do with complete competency. Further, with the pandemic surging, how safe is it to have people from outside of our “bubble” coming in to provide care that our spouse is perfectly capable of providing? Isn’t that time and energy as well as peace of mind worth reimbursement? If you believe so, go to https://malegislature.gov/Bills/192/S89 and let your legislators know you support this and ask them to contact the members of the Joint Committee on Children, Families, and Persons with Disabilities. Ask them to move forward to the House Ways and Means.

Author -Joseph Tringali
Editor and Informational Advocate
Stavros Center for Independent Living

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