Wheelchair repair

Wheelchair repair

One would think getting a wheelchair repaired is simple.

Well, it starts out simple enough with the request to your vendor. That’s the beginning of the bureaucratic rabbit hole.

The request for a repair is passed on to the insurance company.

A consumer can wait 4 weeks for approval. And from there the vendor sends the request for the broken part to the manufacturer.

The manufacturer can wait as long as 3 to 4 weeks before sending it back to the vendor.

After that, the vendor has to find the time for the technician to fix the original problem.

Keep in mind, it’s not unusual for the vendor to request the wrong part. Then you go back down the rabbit hole. "Off with their heads".

If all goes well your wheelchair will be repaired in 3 months. Meanwhile, you’re without your functioning means of transportation.


Joe/ Stavros

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