Hand holding a puzzle heart, autism awareness



Parenting Anti-discrimination legislation

We’re looking for more people with lived experience that highlight the importance of this bill – to join us in meetings with legislators, share their stories to drum up support, or help move the campaign forward in other ways.


Asset Recovery Program

Stavros has been working with DPC to solve a severe problem with the Medicaid guidelines. That is the Asset Recovery Program. As you may have heard once a Medicaid consumer turns 55 Medicaid starts counting the money it has spent to keep you in the community.

Alternative Housing Voucher Program

Good news – the House Ways and Means increased the Alternative Housing Voucher Program. Please reach out to Representative Decker and Chair Michlewitz for their great support.

Wheelchair repair

One would think getting a wheelchair repaired is simple.

Well, it starts out simple enough with the request to your vendor. That’s the beginning of the bureaucratic rabbit hole..