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Ways You May Help Stavros

Woman using sign language to communicate with man

We depend in the generosity of people like you to continue to provide people with disabilities and Deaf the needed resources and advocacy needed to live in the community.

You may make an an impact by Donating online, Shopping or mailing a contribution. Here is how:

Donate online at any time by clicking here.

If online is not your thing? There is always the post office. Please consider sending your donation to:


210 Old Farm Road, Amherst, MA 01004


Are you an online Shopper? Shop online all year long and help Stavros!

If you are an Amazon Shopper you may select Stavros as your nonprofit. Sign up to your regular account using the AmazonSmiles Logo and you will be on your way. Every time you buy qualified products at AmazonSmiles Stavros gets a donation. Thanks and happy shopping!

Don’t Like Amazon, NO WORRIES. You can shop at IGIVE.com thousands of stores to choose from, from Toys R Us to Bare Minerals all waiting for you, Just sign up at the IGIVE.com website and every time you shop a donation will be made to Stavros. Thanks for shopping for a cause!

Whatever way you choose please know that we are very grateful for your support.

Your Gift Makes a Difference!

People with disabilities and Deaf people remain independent in the community thanks to your donation. You are opening doors of opportunity by giving them access to peer counselors, advocates and resources.You are a difference maker and thanks to you people with disabilities live in the community with their families and friends where they can make their own choices.