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Durable Medical Equipment

Durable Medical Equipment

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Durable medical equipment (DME) is any equipment used by individuals with disabilities for mobility purposes or in the course of treatment or home care, including such items as crutches, knee braces, wheelchairs, hospital beds, prostheses, etc.

Stavros' Equipment Loan Program

Stavros in partnership with DME REquipment maintains donated medical equipment, which is loaned free of charge for a specified period of time. Stavros is not responsible for subsequent repairs and asks that the equipment be returned in the same condition that it was received.

The types of equipment we generally have in stock: power wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, bath chairs, hover lifts, and grab bars. We are not accepting any more donations of crutches or walkers, as we have plenty of these at this time. We do need more manual wheelchairs and shower/bath chairs as these are popular items. If you are in need of such equipment, or if you have equipment you would like to donate, please contact our Amherst office at (800) 804-1899 V/TTD, or via email.

Large Equipment items

Occasionally, we hear about larger items (like ramps and stair-glides) that are no longer needed. We can help facilitate the transfer of such items to a consumer in need, and we can also provide a receipt for tax purposes for the donor. Removing and re-installing these items usually incurs a fee (around $400 per item). If you have large items for donation or are in need of such equipment, contact our Amherst office at (800) 804-1899 V/TTD, or via email.

MRC Assistive Technology Program

For information on the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission's Assistive Technology Program, click here