We need YOUR Calls!

A red button says take action

Now is the time to let your legislators know about the 2019 Priorities for the disability community! You can find your Rep/Senator here.  

 Please call your Representative and Senator, and ask them to cosponsor the following:

 An Act relative to the Architectural Access Board (HD 2021, SD 814):

The AAB Bill would create more employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. The bill would also increase housing and address our state’s homeless crisis while creating more adaptable housing and an age-friendly housing stock

  • Lift the Cap on Kids (HD 3043, SD 1452):

Repealing the welfare cap would help children. Last year Governor Baker vetoed the Cap on Kids. Without lifting the Cap families will be forced into deeper poverty.

  • Lift Kids Out of Poverty (HD 2367, SD 1328):

If passed, the bill would raise TAFDC benefits by 10% every year until the grants meet 50% of the FPL. Currently a family of three is only receiving $593 a month-that’s well below deep poverty! With this increase families will be able to have a benefit amount that would support their ability to buy diapers, medication, and necessities for their children.

 Please also ask them to support 

  • The Alternative Housing Voucher Program:

Support $8 Million to restore the program to its original 800 vouchers. Help non-elderly persons with disabilities live independently!

  • More funding for Regional Transit Authorities (like the PVTA):

Support $88 Million with an inflation factor each year for RTAs. This will prevent service cuts and secure service for riders with disabilities, seniors, and low income residents.

 Don't know who your Representative or Senator is? Just click  here and find out who they are