Wheelchair Clinic

June 20, 2019

Picture of a back of a wheelchair with someone kneeling in front of it

Stavros Wheelchair Clinics

June 20, 2019

By Appointment Only

Our clinics supplement what you can’t get from dealers or wheelchair clinics

Offers a second clinical or mechanical opinion

The technicians can provide custom modifications that dealers cannot do.

Contact Tory to sign up; she can be reached at 1-(800) 804-1899 or at tdixon@stavros.org

*This clinic is held in collaboration with the Department of Developmental Services and Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission*

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Other Resources:

If you are looking for Local outpatient wheelchair clinics Check these out:

Cooley-Dickinson Hospital, Northampton (413) 582-2452, (413) 582-2752

Weldon Rehab Services, Springfield

 VA Hospitals if you are a veteran

If you want to borrow or recycle Medical Equipment such as wheechairs you may try the following resources:

Acquire equipment : http://www.massmatch.org/find_at/borrow.php

Borrow or recycle www.dmereuse.org 1-800-261-9841,for folks who do not have internet access.

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