Deaf child sitting on mother's lap and being taught to sign by another woman

Deaf Videos

Resources for Deaf - Videos

The following list of videos is  intented as a resource and general information for people who are Deaf & Hard of Hearing and their families & friends.

Understanding Health Care Disability Rights  & OneCare program. Select the ASL (American Sign Language) option  to view an ASL Interpreter on each video or select other language and use closed captions.


Recommendation for Deaf & Police Interactions by Marlee Matlin via ACLU


Deaf Children Show

Other children activities

Health Care Directives and Hospice. On this video information on Do Not Resuscitate, Health Care Proxy and more.

Fair Housing Videos by Disability Independence Group


Get Ready for Emergencies with Emergency Preparedness Videos on ASL


Learn ASL Videos can be found at

Watch the news or commentaries on current events in ASL at Deaf Hearing Network