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The Basics

The Basics

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For persons with disabilities, life can be like a crazy reality TV show: you get past one obstacle, and another one pops up. But unlike television, the obstacles are real and dangerous. Most of our advocates are persons with disabilities themselves, and they know from firsthand experience the importance of getting those obstacles out of the way.


For many persons with disabilities, the chance of finding a job – and the income that comes with it – may be somewhere in the future. Yet securing an income through assistance programs, such as Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance, can be very difficult. Our advocates know the rules, the paperwork, and how appeals work. They can help people get the stable income they need to build their lives.

Health Care

Getting the right medical care can be a challenge for anyone, but people with disabilities face denials of basic coverage, services, and equipment on a regular basis. Stavros advocates understand the rights of disabled people and their protection under the law, and they know how to fight to get the right care.


Finding an accessible, affordable, decent place to live is one of the biggest barriers to a life of independence. Our advocates provide housing assistance in a number of ways. View our Housing Section.

Getting Out of Nursing Homes

Everybody says it: nobody wants to live in a nursing home. But that doesn’t mean that lots of folks aren’t stuck in them, or in chronic care hospitals, rest homes, and other institutions. Stavros has a special Nursing Home Team that works closely with anyone who wants to get out, and helps them find housing, home care (including PCA services), equipment, and supports.

Independence in the Home

Having your own home means you should be able to get in and out when you want to, take a shower or a bath without any trouble, and get around your kitchen just the way you like. Stavros helps people find ways to make their homes accessible. Check out Home Sweet Home Program.