ADA Reminders

ADA Reminders

Most people are aware that the Americans with Disabilities Act protects people with physical or mental disabilities. What often gets forgotten are people with a history of having a disability such as a person who has cancer and is in remission is still considered a person with a disability. This person is covered by the ADA.

In addition the ADA also protects people who are perceived as having a disability. For example a person with facial scarring or other malformation others (particularly employers) cannot summarily discount you as a prospective employee.

This could happen in the situation where someone may have facial scarring from getting burnt or any other accident. These people are also protective under certain parts of the ADA.

It’s just a forgotten fact for people with disabilities. You can find more information on the ADA here.

Joseph Tringali

Editor and Informational Advocate

Stavros Center for Independent Living

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