The Warranty Protections for Consumers with Disabilities Act

The Warranty Protections for Consumers with Disabilities Act

Anyone using a wheelchair or a mobility device has felt the frustration of waiting for a repair. We wait endless weeks and months for parts to be approved by insurance and technicians to be assigned. Here’s a way we can be heard. Please take a moment to testify today to Chairwoman Moran, Chairman Chan, Vice Chairman Feeney, and Chairwoman Keefe, for the opportunity to write today in support of Senate Bill 184 and House Bill 446.  H.446/S.184, otherwise known as The Warranty Protections for Consumers with Disabilities Act

“Passing H.446 and S.184 will ensure that all wheelchairs purchased in Massachusetts would be covered under warranty for at least two years. The law would require repairs to be completed in 21 days instead of 30. It would cover harmful costs incurred by the consumer while waiting for their repairs, including out-of-pocket medical expenses and lost wages. It would protect consumers’ rights to reasonable repair. It would require wheelchair providers to keep loaner chairs available so consumers can remain independent while waiting for their repair, as well as inventories of common parts so that repairs can happen sooner. It would also authorize the Attorney General’s office to get involved under consumer protection law.”*

We strongly urge you and the committee to vote H.446 and S.184 favorably out of committee and then actively work to make it the law of the Commonwealth. Please send your testimony to

*Dignity Alliance

Joseph Tringali

Editor and Informational Advocate

Stavros Center for Independent Living

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