Veteran Service Animal Program

Veteran Service Animal Program

The Biden administration recently funded a free service animal program for our veterans. Most of us are aware of service animals in the form of seeing-eye dogs for the blind. Service animals can assist people with other disabilities. If you’re in a wheelchair a service animal can pick up items that have been dropped. A service animal can assist a person who is Deaf or hard of hearing telling them someone is knocking on the door, the phone is ringing, and there’s fire in the house. some service animals can worm their own when they were about the a seizure. Somehow the animal can sense an aura emanating from their owner. It’s amazing!

Besides offering invaluable help to people with disabilities they also provide a bond with the one another that runs steeply and surpasses the simple animal that helps you out. They become your best friend. Stavros recommends looking into this link.

Joseph Tringali

Editor and Informational Advocate

Stavros Center for Independent Living

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